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Winning the digital marketing game (with Search Engine Influence)

Oct 10, 2023
Winning the digital marketing game with Search Engine Influence.

Over 70% of businesses in Australia are classed as micro businesses, meaning that they only employ 1-4 people. Of these businesses, a large proportion don’t have in-house marketing expertise. 

Without in-house marketing understanding, these businesses struggle to find the right digital marketing agencies to work with. They don’t know enough to know what they need, AND they lack the knowledge to hold their service providers accountable for producing results.

This means that all too many small Australian businesses are losing precious amounts of money and time. 

On average, small businesses are spending $3,000 - $4,000 per month on digital marketing services - and often with very little return on this expensive investment.     

We’ve solved the accountability conundrum

Terminology has created a unique digital marketing data product that gives Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) the ability to measure the results their digital marketing spend is delivering WITHOUT having to become digital marketing experts.

We call it the Search Engine Influence Tool - because it shows you how much your digital marketing investment is influencing the Search Engines that power digital marketing.      

The Search Engine Influence (SEI) Tool:

  1. Measures your online performance.
  2. Explains where your problems are caused; and
  3. Guides you (or your digital agency to focus on the actions that will increase your influence).     

The SEI Tool gives you knowledge (and power). It gives you a voice, along with the ability to have a professional discussion with your agencies. With the SEI Tool, you and your agency partners can work together to reach your marketing goals.

What IS the SEI Tool?

The SEI Tool is an online platform that enables your business to measure your online performance against your competitors, using a straightforward score that measures 7 key elements used by Search Engines to rank a business.

Each of those 7 elements has its own score and associated actionable recommendations, so you can take strategic digital marketing action to increase your influence.

The SEI Tool has been years in development. It is the culmination of decades of Research & Development (R&D) - all the years that our experts have spent analysing what Google says, measuring what Google does and observing how Google works.  As a result of those decades of R&D, it is also built around a deep understanding of where Google is going. 

What specifically does the SEI Tool provide?

The SEI Tool delivers:  

  • One single score that measures your overall online performance - so you can quickly see your progress.
  • Individual scores for each of the 7 key elements that make up your overall performance - so you can identify your specific high and low performing areas.
  • Clear, actionable recommendations against each element so you can start increasing your influence immediately.
  • Competitor benchmarking with historical data, so you can see if you’re ahead of the play or falling behind in the game.
  • Educational overviews so you understand how to implement the recommendations against each element.

What’s the process?

The SEI Tool is delivered on an easy-to-use online platform.

You can register and monitor your website on our Free Forever Basic Plan pretty much straight away. Then you can get down to work evaluating your website, refocusing your marketing actions and monitoring your short-term results.  (On this plan, you get 3-months of rolling history to measure your improvements.)

If you want to measure over longer time periods, or keep ahead of your competitors, then our different tiers of paid plans let you nominate competitor sites and keep more history.

Are you paying big digital agency bills but not seeing big results?

Don’t be scared off by the “c” word (computer).

You’re driving your car without being an auto-mechanic - and now you can drive your digital marketing strategy without being an IT expert.

The SEI Tools is designed like your car dashboard - so you can understand the things that matter to Search Engines and increase your Search Engine Influence.

Find out more about the SEI Tool here.