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 Welcome To The New World Standard 

Search Engine Influence (SEI) is the new way to measure your total online performance and track your competitors.


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Learn how to improve your traffic and SEI Score.

We are getting ready to release our paid plans and move beyond BETA stages.

We want to collaborate with our foundational users and learn from your feedback so we can be MORE awesome.

If you want to be on this new journey with us... through all of our new tools, now is the time! Jump on board! :) 

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The SEI Method™

is the new way to measure and improve your online performance. Are you reaching the right people? Is your content relevant? How trusted are you?

You don't just want data...

Virtually anyone can bury you in numbers. What do they mean? What's the story? We'll help you find out.


Who We Are

We are a mix of Digital, Marketing, Brand, SEO, PR and Communications experts that have come together to create the SEI Tool.

We are passionate about helping you decrypt the code and find the marketing mix that moves the needle for your business.